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Before making an eyelash extensions booking, please ensure you know what you want by using the information on this site. Please read through the Faq's & aftercare.

When choosing best lash results ask yourself:

How long can I realistically sit still for? You need to sit VERY still for the entire duration of the appointment..... PS: NO FULL SET TAKES 1 HR & offers the best results hence full sets start at 1.5 hrs...
Do I have dense natural lashes or are they sparse or hormone effected? Volume lashes are best suited to sparse or damaged/hormone effected lashes...
What is my budget? How much am I willing to spend & will this yield best results?
What is my overall outcome/goal? Booking the cheapest option may not offer you the results you desire, or enough time.


Educate yo' self!

Before booking; PLEASE Ensure you have viewed:

Please Note: There is no receptionist as a sole trader operation....

Choose Your Volume! 1D, 2D, 3D+

Classic lashes (1D) are best suited to clients with naturally dense & healthy lashes.

2D Volume is exceptionally popular as its quite Natural and offers max volume for healthy, dense lashes or evens out those with healthy sparse lashes.

Mature ladies 45+, or those who struggle with lash growth/sparse lashes & hormone issues are recommended 3D+ volume for best results & coverage. There is a specific booking for this in the online bookings 🙂

Unsure? Book a 2D Full set 

Come Prepared

It is an expectation clients are across Prep & After Care & Faq's to make sure you are eligible & educated on risks/ contraindications.

Please be aware there is a 48 hour reschedule/cancellation policy. By making an appointment you agree to having read Prep/aftercare, Faq's, COVID Safe Act & the terms & agreements....All information links including parking instructions will be sms'd once your booking has been accepted & deposit recieved.


Terms & Agreement

  • 48 hours notice for reschedule/cancellation or deposit forfeit/fees may apply (yes, even if your child or dog is unwell)
  • Fills are for ongoing/previously clients only unless specified (3/4 set/new client fill)
  • Deposits are non refundable but conditionally transferable within 60 days. There are no refunds....
  • Text for wait list if you can't find availability with your name, availability & what you require: I'll be in contact asap if something comes up!
  • Book enough time - if you reschedule for a later date; you'll need more time generally etc
  • No fills out side 4 weeks for volume, No fills outside 5 weeks for Classic
    - can fill volume over classic lashes 
    - fills over other salons work have applicable fees: read more about Fills
  • Lilly Bell accepts no responsibility in the case of allergic reaction. While they are rare, they can happen. Please consider this in the case of your first set before a big event. You will not under any circumstance receive a refund due to allergy. More info here
  • PREGNANCY: I do not take people in 3rd trimester. If you are aware of the risks in prior trimesters 1 & 2 involved in laying flat for long periods or contraindications regarding medication required in case of allergic reaction, you are welcome to proceed at your own risk. If in doubt: speak to your doctor. more info here

By making a booking you agree to these terms.


$110 70 mins

  • 3/4 Classic OR New Client Fill
  • Great test run if you struggle to sit still
  • NOT a full set, book a fill appointment for 1-2 weeks for Full results


$140 100 minutes

  • Premium Classic FULL set
  • Approx 90 lashes per eye
  • Great for those with healthy dense lashes
Best Value


$160 120 minutes

  • Fullness for those with sparser lashes
  • Great density of Volume for naturally dense lashes
  • Very Popular - offering density with a natural look
Most Popular


$190 starting at 120 minutes

  • 3D & classic/ 3-4D blended Hybrid Volume
  • Best option for hormone effected or mature (45-50) eyelashes
  • Beautifully fluffy and Full set for those with regular growth

“Top Ten Brisbane Lash Specialist 2020”



"Brisbane's Top 10 Eyelash Salons"


Lash Naps; The New Beauty Sleep!!

Hello Sleeping Beauty! It's time to relax...... Catch up on some zeds or find your zen

Bespoke Lash Design

Bespoke Eyelash Extensions, Styling & Design

Specialising in the Lilly Bell Longevity Lash application technique creating personalised bespoke eyelash extensions for your individual eye shapes & natural lashes... With a soft, lightweight feel.....all the while working to reatin inegrity of natiral lash regrowth....

Applied by Certified Senior Therapist with 8 years experience.

You can view more work in our gallery here or on Instagram

Quality Products

Using Premium Silk lashes by internationally renowned manufacturing brand Beautier. And award winning Flawless Lashes by Loreta. 100% animal free.

Top quality adhesive by Flawless by Loretta = Incredible retention & low fume.

Lilly Bell Lashes Products
Lilly Bell Lashes Pricing

Affordable Pricing

Truly extraordinary prices for premium services. You could go as far as saying the best in Brisbane. Care and duress is taken with every eyelash extension application to assure optimum results and lash health. Fills are priced accordingly by time not service.

For more info on pricing & durations hit this link!

Please note: Full set fees apply after 5 weeks for classic & 2D lashes, Full set fees apply after 4 weeks for 3/4/5D VOLUME from previous lash session or if less than a third of extensions remaining.

Fills applicable to previous clients only or a minimum $100;2D & Classic OR $110;3/4D Volume for 70 minutes for those on vacation/new clients....

New clients are encouraged to take advantage of the New Client Offer

Welcome - Lashes by Sian (Sharn)

As a touring musician and sole parent of a delightful young man, I have little time for vanity but necessity to appear to the world like I have made some effort....I turned to eyelash extensions for time saving solutions while on the road, the excuse to have a nap thrice weekly during the daytime, the ability to appear awake even when tired, and the grace of rolling out of a festival tent at 9am after a big night and still look, for the most part: stage ready like a boss!

It was a no brainer. I knew I wanted to share the love, especially for efficiency but I also wanted to offer my ladies bang for buck seeing as I'd had my fair share of shonky jobs performed (you can literally spend a $1000 & maybe luck out on 1-2 decent, good feeling sets) & felt kind of burned with what I'd paid, often for what I got. But - it wasn't my place to judge others in their industry until I personally experienced the industry, so off I went.... I would do it properly, right, researched, educated & on par with global industry standards. I am always keeping current on upgrades & evolution including the best & safest techniques & products from around the world.

This is me.....mother, lover, artist, writer, folk & country roots troubadour, casual hobo, bohemian lash kween, owner/director & Master Lash sorceress at Lilly Bell Lashes......welcome xo

Confidence in a Blink! #ConfidenceInABlink #LillyBellLashes #BrisbaneLashes #BrisbaneEyelashExtensions #EyelashExtensionsBrisbane

Effortlessly luscious lashes 24/7!

Sun, surf, work, play, festival, stage...

I operate on client-tech synergy for ongoing bookings/clientbase; it's worth reading ethos so we are on the same page this is a sole trader operation; there is no receptionist & my focus is on giving the best, high quality eyelash extension service at an affordable price which comes at a compromise of customer service/administration & receptionist availability hence the thoroughness of online information & online bookings. Should you be really stuck & have done some research/reading (especially as a new client) feel welcome to contact on 0439749443 & I will endeavour to get back to you  when I can however the best foot forward is to make a booking & ask any questions unanswered in the FAQ's, during your appointment time.

Lilly Bell Lashes


For updates & general chit chat/tips FOLLOW on INSTAGRAM

School Rd, The Gap

Brisbane Northside

Opening Hours Tuesday - Friday

Saturday: Full sets only- sms to inquire as these are not available via online bookings.

Sunday-Monday: Closed

Txt: 0439 749 443

SMS for enquiries/waitlist.

Please read website info fully as I am not always available to answer questions regarding price etc..

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