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I work first and foremost with a holistic ethos and the principle of accentuating natural beauty; highlighting your assets; working with what yo mamma gave you! Eyes are the gem stones of the body and the windows to the soul. They are also the most important point of contact with communication for anyone not visually impaired.

I will let you know what won't work with your eye shape and only apply to your lashes what they can handle to ensure best regrowth & maintaining a healthy happy lash bed! I specialise in Volume & natural lash growth management & have developed my own "Lilly Bell Longevity Lash Application" technique over the previous 8 years. I previously haven't loved classically applied lashes due to their thick cumbersome nature but have refined methods & materials for Classic (1D) & 2D Volume/Hybrid lashing. I do find Volume to be very versatile with creating a beautiful soft, lightweight set of lashes that can be both natural or intense/dense & glam. It's all in the design, styling & application which after 8+ years experience, is quite intuitive. I read lashes like music on a stave. I have developed styling methods through hours of research, practice & application to offer beautiful, natural, soft full sets of lashes that won't feel like match sticks on your eyelids & won't look like caterpillars or damage your natural lashes. I asses & re-assess all lashes at every appointment and offer/advise the best options for optimum lash health long term and moving forward.

Lilly Bell Lashes

It's actually not so common to experience comfortable, soft, natural looking lash extensions with the "unregulation" of the Lash Industry; Lashes that don't itch or poke back into eye lids; cause the urge to "pick" due to pulling (from lashes being literally glued together by poor workmanship & inadequate isolation/separation technique) or weighty/heavy lashes applied far too thick (usually pre- made fans or merely clumps throw on) by an inexperienced or under accomplished lash extension technician (under the pump with high turn over expectations for budget targets in salons) applying chunks to fine delicate lashes.....& the truth is; this sort of stuff WILL damage your natural lashes & they will take months to recover. Eyelash extensions are not part of a Beauty Therapy Course & unfortunately a short course in Lash application will not make an accomplished lash artist. It take years of practice & ongoing research to maintain and perfect. I absolutely support that everyone starts somewhere however I also fix & assist a lot of women in maintenance, rehabilitation & adequate after care for longevity of natural lash health. Often for those whom have had rookie lash techs work, or just poor work in general.

This is why & what drives my personal passion for this particular craft and service. Not to mention the confidence it offers anyone who wears my work.

I've always been an artist; attention to fine detail whether it be in visual or aural medium. I was a visual artist up until I had my child at 21 & had to make a choice between art and music so I chose music because time just didn't exist in availability like it used to B.C. (before child) I did face & body painting with fine brush work for 12 years from age 12 to 22 before chasing my musical dream, alas, evenings and weekend work isn't easy to carry out with a young child sustainably as the primary carer for long periods of time, so it made perfect sense seeing as I had "steady hands like surgeon" to become a lash "therapist".

I also LOVE working with women. Women are amazing! They really are. Their stories, occupations and backgrounds are inspiring as hell and I love them all. I also love not having to deal with mysoginistic pigs or power trippers in superior positions in the workplace because I work with MY's mutual benefit for both of us. No patriarchy in my workspace! I actually really enjoy spending time with you all and facilitating a safe space to speak; relax, refresh, tuck you in if you really need that extra bit of sleep with a chilled environment while you get some "you time" away from all of the high speed life responsibilities. So turn your phone to silent. Let everything go, it's YOUR time!

A note from me to you with over 8 years in this industry; I am a real human. With strengths and weaknesses just like you! Yup. This does in fact mean I am vulnerable to illness & injury but do as much as I can in effort to avoid such inhibiting factors because its really inconvenient on sooooo many levels of existence. Please understand that I am a sole trader owner/operated business amongst many of the hats I wear as a mother, sister, friend & artist. This means that if I don't work; I don't get paid. So in the rare event I am too unwell or unfit for work (or my child falls ill) I will make every effort to honour scheduled appointments but I am only one person and this means I sadly just can't physically carry out appointments on very rare occasions. I will always do my very best to try or to find you an alternative appointment especially if it is for a very special event like a wedding but I hope it helps understanding that If I don't work, I don't get paid, so If I have to reschedule or cancel I can honestly guarantee it's not because I want to; it's just as inconvenient & disappointing for us both with you not getting your appointment on schedule & both the lack of income and the effective bottle neck of clients that can occur on my end. This is the only time I will offer refunds. The pro of this situation is that you get consistency & premium work from me & only me, the con is that I am not a robot living inside an Instagram world & am at the mercy of the very real & tangible happenings with my mere meat suit & soft tissue brain.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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