Choose your Lash Style

The 3 basic "styles"

Not all styles will suit all eye shapes - however we will work towards achieving closest results! We specialise in individual lash style & design.

Tera Bell


Earthy and Natural

Following your natural lash contours for a natural but enhanced appearance.

Opening the eye but not OTT. Longest lengths are around the eye pupil in centre of eye...

model pictured wears 2D (2:1) application but similar look can be achieved with fine classic application (1:1)

Kitty Bell

Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 9.22.27 am

Bring out the Flare

Flaring out and peaking 3/4 way at the outer edges of each eye with a bit more length to elongate the eye.

Flat to Medium Curl. Not  for people with a wide pupil diameter or naturally long space in between the eyes.

Model pictured is wearing classic application lashes 1:1.

Dolly Bell


Cute and Curly

Utilising a tighter curl to create the look of a dolly. We still taper inner & outer eye corners for lash health however. Stronger curl.... Not suitable for all eye shapes. The shorter they are, the ore dense they will appear.

Model pictured wears 4D Volume application.