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Technical methodz....this will dictate time duration & price in relation to your natural lashes.....


Dainty Premium Classic/1D

AWESOME!         1 hr 40 mins

Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 9.26.33 am

The AWESOME full set

1:1 - 1 lash extension to 1 eyelash. Application time depending on the amount and width of your own lashes. Approx. 70 - 110 lashes per eye.

Starting @ $130  Full set up to 1hr 40 minutes. $5 for every additional 5 minutes afterwards. If you have a lot of natural lashes please inform so extra time can be booked to facilitate a proper full set for you!


30 mins = $55 (approx 2 weeks)

50 mins =$70 (approx 3weeks)

65 mins =$85 (approx 3-4 weeks)

Full set prices apply after 5 weeks or if you have only a couple of lashes remaining prior.

Dainty lashes are great for most lashes; offering some length & thickness to the natural lash but a fairly natural looking set. lower maintenance.

Not reccomended for super sparse or damaged/horoe effected lashes. They will not yeild best coverage.

Suitable for use with oil free mascara available for purchase in studio or here

The AMAZING full set...

If in doubt : choose this one!

2:1. Approx. 130- 180+ lashes per eye.

Lilly Bell Signature & top seller because of their soft feel, natural looking appeal, retention & appearance even after lash drop, + tolerability for application time.

$150 for up to 2 hrs (recommended standard especially for new clients)

$5 for every 5 minutes following. If you are aware you have a lot of natural lashes, please book extra time to allow for a full set or a hybrid mix will be applied as default.


30 mins = $55 (approx 1-2 weeks)

50 mins =$70 (approx 2-3 weeks)

65 mins =$85 (approx 3 weeks)

Full set prices apply after 5 weeks or if you have less than half your extensions remaining.

Oil free mascara can be used with these but will require efficient cleaning as it will close the 2D fans causing a chunky & not so dainty texture

2D Volume - MOST POPULAR!!!

AMAZING!            2 hours


3D/3D & Classic Hybrid - POPULAR!!!

EXQUISITE!          2 hours


The EQUISITE full set....

3:1 & 1:1 Blend. Approx. 200+ lashes per eye

Great for rehabilitating lashes or creating a slightly more natural yet quite full look while maintaining integrity of finer natural lashes OR creating a really fluffy set to regular natural alshes.

Starting @ $180 2hrs

$5 for every additional 5 minutes

Fills must be within 4 weeks and then charged at full set outside 4 weeks or if you come with less than half your extensions remaining.

Fills recommended 3 weeks


35 mins = $60 (approx 1-2 weeks)

50 mins =$75 (approx 1-2 weeks)

65 mins =$90 (approx 2-3 weeks)

1 Hr 20 mins = $110 (approx 2-3 weeks)

1.5 hrs mins = $120 (approx 3-4 weeks)

Adding oil free mascara to these is NOT recommended as the fans become stuck together creating a clumpy, spidery effect. NOT HOT!


3/4D+:1. Approx. 200+ Lashes per eye (Lots)

Great for really fine lashes to build natural lash volume. Can achieve a natural look OR make a BOLDER, Denser and Fluffier impact with Hybrid 3/4/5D for those wanting some real impact.

Starting at $180 for a 3D (or 3D hybrid either 3D & Classic or 3/4D blend) full set 2 hours long. (more if you have larger eyes or amount of lashes, $5 for each 5 minutes)

4D/5D & Mega Volume $190 - $250 (approx 2-3 hours)

Volume fills recommended 2-3 weeks.

Adequate cleaning & hygiene of importance due to the density of added synthetic material.

4D, 5D and a hybrid 3/4/5D blend also available but add extra time and costing...see pricing here

Model pictured has 4D lashes

Not suitable for mascara use.

3D/4D Volume

IMPERIAL EXQUISITE          2 - 2.5 hours


5D & Blended Mega Volume

IMPERIAL TRINITY     3 - 3.5 hours

Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 9.24.13 am


$tarting at $230

Fills average cost $120 every 2-3 weeks depending on after care, lash cycle, eye size, natural lash count as gaps can be more noticeable the larger the fans/volume, no fills after 4 weeks. New full set required after 4 weeks...

Not suitable for mascara and require more maintenance & cleaning to keep them fluffy & hygienic.

Can be great for people with sparser lashes but won't look as dense as a model with lots of natural lashes.

This style also needs to be kept shorter for a bold or more black out density & lash health long term ~ however Lilly Bell has perfected a technique for length and density with a lower weight with a less black out effect so please ask if you think this might be for you! It can offer a more natural look or can be styled toward a strip lash or Kim K'ish look.



All fills are time based......The more frequently you come & with clean eyes, the less time/$$....

If a fill takes any longer than 1.5 hrs - you've left it too long in between darl. $5 for every 5 mins over if I have the time otherwise you get default hybrid with classic lashes.


Fill over other salons work; minimum fees apply. I don't love doing it (But I will: i feel you baby: lashes make it all better!). Here's why: FAQ #14

70 minutes Classic/2D $100

70 minutes Volume $110


If you have experienced more lash fall than usual, please book a longer appointment. If it is one eye only please use a silk sleep mask and/or silk pillow case to minimise "friction fatigue" to the lash follicles for preservation. Alternating your sleeping side will also assist 🙂 More after care information here

model pictured wears Full Set Dainty Classics.