Why Lash Extensions?

From Korea to Russia to the world.....

Lash extensions originated from Korea, and then Russia made a name with the volume technique (hence the style name Russian Volume). Now there is such thing as "American Volume" and what I like to call "Oz Volume" which I have personally developed over the past five years. Along with my own "longevity lash technique", a holistic approach to reading the natural lashes to understand what type of lash, at what length and weight, will be best suitable and still give a tidy but natural rustic look.

They are a semi-permanent cosmetic application whereby fine lash extensions are individually grafted onto your natural eyelashes…….its a fine micro motor skill requiring precision through hours and hours of practice and application especially where the volume technique is utilised, creating a fuller, fluffier frame for your peepers.

It takes years to acquire these skills.


why lash extensions with lilly bell lashes before and after



As an artist/performer and mother myself, I fell in love with the convenience and naturally glowing appearance of lash extensions. Whether I was heading to work, at the gym, swimming at the beach or pool, performing in a theatre, pub or club, or rolling out of a tent at a festival after a big night and about to hit the stage for an early performance: regardless of my headspace, or hair, or general smell - my eyes were always "on" and "open" and I was ready to roll, coming up daisies in any further promotional shots.


If you're a fan of the shake and run hairstyle, this is the face equivalent! But also completely suitable for those who love to play shop with cosmetics or it happens to be a workplace requirement. The best part of lash extensions is their versatility. You don't need make up or mascara, but you can choose to add it if that’s the look you're aiming for.

I have a number of girls who have sensitive eyes and can't do mascara or couldn't find a natural mascara they were happy with, so they opted for extensions......


If I'm heading to a Photo/film shoot or event with stage lights, I'll pump them up a bit more with some oil free botanical mascara and my make-up routine for show. For general work and dates/meetings, I generally don't wear any make-up because I don't need to, but can trust I am presentable with my peepers lit up and “awake” like I’ve made some effort with my lash extensions. (mascara not recommended on anything above classic lashes - don't put on your volume lashes!)

why lash extensions comparison of lilly bell lashes with competitor