The #1 most frequently asked question......

This is the "How long is a piece of string?" question; dependant on a few factors including:

Your personal lash cycle length, AFTER CARE, medications you may be taking, how often your are swimming/surfing/working out/saunas/hot yoga, how much sebum your skin naturally produces. I have a 4 week rule on glue; it gets turfed regardless if it's still going or not at the 28 day mark, to ensure it is fresh for you! This is on average 14-21 days during summer months.


NO MASHING YOUR FACE INTO YOUR PILLOW, NO PICKING, NO RUBBING or cleaning with any tools except the lash brushes provided!

Commonly I get the " I need a touch up because one eye just lost all its lashes, HULP!"

CULPRIT= FRICTION FATIGUE caused by constant rubbing & pulling of the Natural lash which shortens the lash cycle by ripping it out at the root completely or the follicle prematurely ejects because it gets tired.

98% of the time this is because clients have repeatedly slept & mashed this one side of their face into their pillow. If you do this -there isn't really much natural lashes left to re-apply extensions to. So please be aware - your lashes will only last as good as your after care!!!

It's naturally occurring on the skin by the body production and is in sunscreen, moisturiser, foundation, eyeliner, mascara, serums, make up wipes and make up removers that aren't oil free. Next to this is hair spray and setting spray.. Clean them regularly (daily) with foaming cleanser and your lint free/very soft cleansing brush. You will notice a difference in your retention with adequate aftercare.

Generally your extensions should last well over a week and start to thin about 2-2.5 weeks, become apparently a bit patchy by week 3 due to an average natural lash fall cycle.....Of course this is dependant on your personal lash cycle but on average this is what I commonly see. This is why 3 week fills is a thing!

-You didn't clean your face/lashes/makeup/skin properly before coming. I can usually tell and will use another solution free of charge for a lash bath but it will eat up application time. Make up wipes contain oil & will not get make up from the base of the lid line and risk ripping out your natural lashes from the root = BAD. Cleanse kits are given free to all new clients but Foaming cleanser is highly recommended for ongoing maintenance! (daily cleansing)

-Excess sebum. This is the oil the skin produces in the lash bed naturally. It occurs more in everyone naturally and can build up in the lash bed working against your retention. Especially in the summer months when our bodies sweat more.

-Working out/sweating often and not cleaning properly. Sweat causes make- up to build up on your lid line. All your moisturisers, sunscreen and old hairspray, make up all sweats into the lid line eventually & builds up. then dust, old skin and fibres stick to it...great group for decoded or bacteria to grow: grossss!

-Wearing regular daily foundation and eyeliner and not cleaning properly. Over time this builds up in the lash bed especially if its hot and sweaty weather and if left uncleaned properly, will create mess that will effect retention. Even the eyeliner you put on the lower lid makes its way to to the top lid with each blink and sits until cleaned our properly with a special lash cleansing brush.

-Blasting your peepers under the shower or waterfalls. This will not help retention.

- Saunas & steam rooms or heated rooms of the like for Bikram & Hot Yoga will reduce the longevity of your extensions. by at least half, heads up!

Finally, some medications and medical conditions will cause poor retention of both the natural lash and lash extensions or cause poor natural lash growth/weak follicles and extensions just won't still long or lashes will literally fall out.

Under no circumstances will I ever recommend to avoid using sunscreen. Melanoma is far worse than lash fall!

I take great pride in ensuring the best retention possible on all clients! new Glue is opened every 28 days without fail!

HIGH HUMIDITY in the summer months are KNOWN to be a threat to RETENTION in comparison to the cooler, dryer months of the year (Winter)...

PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS and understand your lashes may require extra maintenance and care in the Summertime to keep full & on point.

PLEASE NOTE: ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS. Due to the nature of time involved in lash application and that I do very precise and very good work, there are no refunds - however removal is offered free of charge within 7 days of application if you are totally dissatisfied with your treatment.

Removal is otherwise charged at a minimum of $35 & $5 for each additional 5 minutes outside of 30 minutes. I can and have removed poorly applied clusters however these generally take longer than average removal and I make no guarantee you will get to keep all your natural lashes but will do my very best to salvage as much as I possibly can. If no infection is present- it is possible to apply a new set of specialist rehabilitation volume lashes straight afterwards so you don't feel naked but I will advise to hold off for a few days if there is signs of swelling or irritation on your eyelids for some down time to allow inflammation to cease.

ABSOLUTELY! But preferably not for 24 hours to allow the glue time to cure. Common misconception is they can't get wet. The whole point of extensions is that you can get them wet. The biggest issue is oil, never water, however I wouldn't encourage you to blast your face under a waterfall, shower or in the surf......

As a rule within the industry it is advised to keep them dry for the first 24 hours. Do it if it makes you feel good about them...

This is subjective to your eye shape, natural lash growth, density and how far apart they grow from one another (density), and the style we decide to utilise for what you personally want.

Please refer to lash cycle info..

Generally about the 2 week mark you'll notice a thinning to your extensions. By the third week it will become slightly patchy which is why most people opt to get their fills around the 2/3 week mark. Some folks have a longer lash cycle and really really look after their lashes - these lucky minority will get away with about 4 weeks in between fills 😉

I highly recommend regular cleaning (daily) of volume lashes as excess sebum, skin or make up residue will get stuck at the base of the extensions and the extensions fan will close with a less natural and full look (or the oil will melt the adhesive an they will fall off). They will look clumpy and they will harbour all sorts of crusty dusty stuff that you don't want to know about but I can see under magnifying specs. It also invites demoted mites and bacteria. grossssss

Please note full sets apply after 5 weeks from last treatment or if you have less than a third of your extensions left.

Nope. It can help with finding the really blonde translucent ones but isn't essential. NO - I don't do lash tinting. If you do want to opt for tinting get it done at least 24 hours prior so there is no chemical reaction with tint and the glue.

Tinting can hide your regrowth for anyone looking classy enough to see the .01's of millimetres of it, like; another lash tech. But you don't need it if you can't be bothered or don't want yet another expense and thing to show up for. totally optional.

YES!!!!!Please do! Send me a text message.

If you are late - please send a text to notify. I will wait ten minutes without notice, but once you are 15 minutes late, automatic cancellation and fees apply.

Life happens of course so communication is imperative. If you don't show up I will also worry if you are in fact okay.... So please let me know!

Cancellation Policy - 48 hours notice....By making an appointment you agree that you understand this.

We all have life things come up. I understand this especially as a sole parent, however, as a very small business, no shows & untimely cancellations are incredibly painful to deal with as it doesn't allow enough time to fill the appointment always which causes great stress with a lack of income. If you are someone who often needs to cancel or reschedule appointments I would recommend a salon with a receptionist and the staff resources as it just doesn't work for my sole trader operation as a regular occurrence.

In saying this - if you are ill - don't come in! I'm also a singer and performer and getting a flu is bad news (also COVID!!) as I can't call in sick for shows once promo has gone out but I also have to close my business & get cover tested every time...I also can't call in sick for sole parenting and bottle necks for my clients make getting sick such a headache trying to reschedule everyone to get time off if I can't get out of bed.

PLEASE PUT YOUR APPOINTMENT IN YOUR CALENDAR!! (with an alert or reminder the day prior if you have trouble remembering appointments)

Please give a very minimum 48 hours notice of cancellation/reschedule (the more the better because then we have options to re-schedule!) otherwise you will forfeit your pre-paid set/fill, or cancellation fees will apply.


Short answer: Yes to both


No payment, no service. There are absolutely no " Can I fix you up via the website when I get home?" or "I'll transfer it as soon as I get home"

Why are 3 week fills industry standard reccomendation?

The average eye has approx. 90 - 120 natural lashes and sheds and average of 2 - 5 lashes per day!

Thats an average of 21 lashes dropped naturally per week. 42 in two weeks and 63 in 3 weeks.

And here is why 3 is the magic number of weeks standardly recommended within the industry as to a suitable time frame for regular infills 😉

Please be aware you run the risk of being charged for a full set if you book outside the 3 week period. We allow a bit over half the time your full set took, to do a single fill. In this time we must also remove any old/growing out extensions to keep them tidy & weight low.

not only to tidy your lashes up aesthetically, but also to maximise retention & maintain consistently high standards for mutual benefit.

Generally about the 2 week mark you'll notice a thinning to your extensions. By the 3rd week it will become slightly patchy which is why most people opt to get their fills around the 2/3 week mark. Some folks have a longer lash cycle and really really look after their lashes - these lucky minority will get away with about 4 weeks in between fills 😉

Subjective to what yo' mamma gave you in the genes department, how you care for them.....

2 weeks recommended for 4/5D volume

2-3 weeks 3D

2-4 weeks for classic & 2D

Please note full sets apply after 5 weeks from last treatment for Classic/2D & 4 weeks for Volume OR if you have less than a third of your extensions left.

Knock gently once and send a text. DO NOT KEEP KNOCKING! If I am with a client, I can't let you in until I am finished with them. I may also not be able to text you to let you know i'm still with a client because my hands are not free.

If you are early, I won't let you in until your appointment time. It can be very disturbing to other clients or cut into my small break time if you continue knocking. I advise not to try and be early for appointments as there is no waiting room & quite often that 10 minutes you are early for and want to get on in- is my only time for a quick stretch and a bathroom break.

Please avoid knocking prior to your appointment time as it can be disruptive to other clients or interruptive of the minuscule time I have to eat or go to the bathroom, and I cannot get up to let you in anyway.

If you have knocked, please send a text, don't keep knocking. I will let you in as soon as I am available or at your appointment time.

Due to my personal holistic approach to beauty- if anyone ever suggests or asks if they should take a break from lashes, I will never tell them not to. Au Contraire. I do it myself (take breaks). I believe it to be of great importance to be okay with what you look like without lashes and embrace your natural appearance as well. I believe while lash extensions applied with due care and skill do not cause damage to the natural lash growth- it is no harm resting your natural lashes. It also will ensure you get a good solid proper "hit" when you get a full set again because let's face it- lashes are addictive! Feeling awesome is a feeling we all like to keep a tangible hold of. Life just has a grace and ease when you can bat your lashes!

Sadly my dear, it's the HUMIDITY. The heat, the humidity, the extra sweat and oil as a result all accumulates to poorer retention over the summer periods in queensland/humid areas. Be aware and prepared mentally or have your appointments booked ahead for maintenance regularly. I go through glue like its going out of fashion through the summer (which at $70+ for 5ml is a serious commitment to you I promise), to ensure its fresh & you have the best retention.

Other things that reduce retention are SAUNAS & HOT YOGA or steam rooms. Heads up!

Maybe BUT there are online booking options now. Texting will bump your message back to the top of the queue but does not ensure a response if I am not actually working. I am also a touring artist and full time sole parent as stated on the website, I tend to be offline to focus on immediate priorities.

It is recommended to rebook fills/treatments ahead while in studio to reduce any issues with re-booking availabilities. As the Silly season approaches (SEP-JAN, just prior to Easter & any major festivals or events including Splendour & Melbourne Cup) - it gets INSANE with bookings & I book up weeks ahead quickly. While I do have a wait list its not as reliable as an actual booking.

PLEASE ALWAYS INCLUDE YOUR FULL NAME if TEXTING TO BOOK & include what you want: the information is thorough so you can decide. If in doubt, book a 2D set 😉

WAITLIST enquiries are WELCOME - but i won't get back to you if nothing comes up. No harm in asking & will get you first dibs on cancellations before I make available online 🙂

I get this often. Generally my knee jerk reaction is no, and here's why:

Its rarely ever "Just a fill"

- I have no idea what's on your lashes; whether they are stuck together, whether clusters were previously used, whether they have been separated/isolated and properly applied with the bases actually attached

- I have no idea how many you have left and what amount of time to schedule to get them back up to 100% for you to leave with

- If the work is substandard it will bring down my high quality if I mix it with poor/outgrown and old work

- i have no idea what the state your natural are going to be in and I don't want to book in time and turn away other clients only to find your lashes are so damaged from another technicians work/your aftercare, that it would be wrong for me as a technician to go sticking a new set on until they've had some down time to regrow. I can't put on your lashes what you don't actually have in natural lashes & the results may be less than you'd hoped in density. 

As a compromise for people requiring a fill from out of town while on holiday, or new clients, I do now offer a fill for a minimum $100 up to 70 minutes. Every additional 5 minutes is $5 if I have the time available. 

By booking an appointment IT MEANS YOU HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND Preparation, Aftercare & FAQ'S. If you are dyslexic or illiterate please share so I can go through it with you during the appointment (I usually will do the breakdown version anyway with new clients). It is important all my clients are educated for their own benefits. If you are new, you will be supplied with a cleanse pack & verbal demo for best results.

PLEASE LET ME KNOW by text when booking:

this is okay for full sets! - However - I don't enjoy filling over other salons work because 96% of the time it's not okay. It's like trying to fix or paint over someone else's broken canvas. It is important there is enough time to facilitate removal and your full new set. Plus mixing shit or old work with my great work makes my work look shit. which isn't great for my brand. only as string as your weakest link' n all.

To know what you need before physically seeing your eyes under lights, magnifiers and having the time for a consult- it's very difficult to tell you over the phone how long your appointment will be or to simply "book a fill" over another technicians work which is why I always recommend a 2 hour appointment or full set to begin.

you may require extra time for a full set. So please tell me so I can schedule it so you get the very best.

While I have safely applied extensions on pregnant women later in pregnancy, I no longer do so.

The reasons being is

  • It will take longer as we shift your weight from side to side regularly with booster cushions and sit up intermittently to keep everyone happy and blood flowing and the appointment winds up taking too long and is harder on my neck because you can't/shouldn't lay flat. 
  • laying flat or your back can cause risk of blood flow to foetus 
  • you may not be able to take medication required in the event of a reaction
  • it simply isn't worth the risk to me as a small business in the case of a potential lawsuit

I will not take you in your 3rd trimester at all as a new client. 

Please discuss prior if you are in your 2nd trimester before booking. If you cannot lay flat: I cannot lash you. 

If you have any worries I recommend speaking to your doctor!

as this can effect the retention of your lashes and your lash cycle. You may need to come more regularly to keep a full set and have a management program in place to ensure best growth/regrowth including a silica supplement /and or lash serum + silk pillow case.

While allergic reactions are rare, they can & do occur, so I often feel it best where possible to come and get an initial set 6-8 weeks before big events to ensure you are reaction free and happy with your styling as a swollen face or itchy red eyes could be a real downer on your special event. Antihistamines may be a first step to treat minor allergies as the glue cures however as I am not a doctor or pharmacist I cannot actually legally advise you.

Lilly Bell takes no responsibility for allergic reactions to the active ingredient cynoacrolite or Carbon Pigment in our high quality Beautier & Loreta glues. We can provide removal or information on how you may remove them yourself minimising loss of your natural lashes, but I reiterate; we take no responsibility for allergic reactions and will not give refunds should you have an allergic reaction. Due to research it has been found that patch testing cannot guarantee 100% non allergic reaction to actual full application on the eyes however Lilly Bell can do a patch test for the cost of $45.

Caution should be taken and understood that allergies can be accumulative....you may be fine for a period of time and then you develop an allergy. 

IRRITATION TO THE GEL IN EYEPADS IS NOT A GLUE ALLERGY! more often irritation is due to the gel in the back of eyelids used to protect the thin skin under the eyes. alternative eye pads usually fix or minimise this situation. 

it is a your own risk to try again. If you don't tell me, I cannot take any responsibility. If you do tell me and we proceed, it is still at your own risk.

If you do have a reaction, removal is advised & depending on severity you may require attendance to a doctor first for medication to decrease swelling. It is not my responsibility or fault if you have an allergic reaction. This is always at your own risk & by making an appointment it means you are aware and understand this in completion. This is all your own adult responsibility. Persons under 18 will require written consent from a parent or legal guardian before application (email is fine). There are absolutely NO REFUNDS.

If you have had prior allergies, soz love, this is the end of the line for you. All glues sensitive or otherwise have the same chemical component. If you are allergic to one, you'll be allergic to all.



It is not recommended you get lash extensions if you are an inexperienced fire performer. It is still at your own risk if you are highly or professionally experienced in the art and Lilly Bell takes no responsibility for any damages concerning the application of lashes. Lashes are made from sterilised PBT plastic (the same plastic utilised for body piercing) and will melt if coming into contact with intense heat or open flame. Due care is also required for smokers especially while inebriated...Yes, I've seen it.

Same goes for those in front of an auto clave or oven constantly...the intense heat and steam can cause the lashes to drop in curl or lose their shape at the tips.

If you are pregnant please be aware there are risks with laying still or taking medication in event of allergic reaction. If you are concerned: see you doctor.

If you have allergies to steroid medication or anti-allergy/anit-histamine medication; please be aware these are often recommended treatments to manage lash glue allergy. If you are worried; see you doctor.

Lastly if you have any conditions that deem your physical capacity to climb on and off the high table unaided with ease - I am unable to help you due to health and safety risks involved for both you and myself. While I have a steel hydraulic table to assist, I exercise the right to turn away clients deemed a safety risk to myself or themselves in event possible injury to either persons. Thank you for your understanding in advance.


If you have any covid-19 symptoms including sore throat, cough, fever/temparature DO NOT ENTER THE PREMISE : reschedule your appointment

- HAND Sanitiser at sanitation station on entry. Hand washing in studio ensuite

- Tie hair back to left side

- Bring your own jacket or blanky if you get cold; I cannot offer you one sorry.

- NO kids, guests, friends in studio. 1 person at a time only.

- Duty of responsibility; if you are exposed or test positive to COVID-19 you must let me know. I will close my business until such time as I have sanitised it in completion & cleared a COVID test myself.