Prepare for your Appointment

How to prepare your lashes, how to look after your lashes post session, & how to come again! IMPORTANT!! PLEASE READ

Preparation: How do I come along?

Please come to appointments with washed clean lashes; NO MASCARA or make up on especially around your eyes. I understand this is unavoidable on occassion however if there is dense masses of sebum oil, crusty sleep, old foundation, mascara or lash glue from temporary lashes stuck to your natural lashes it will require more time to remove it to gain a clean surface for best adhesion = better retention which means LESS APPLICATION TIME, which means less lashes applied. Unless you are happy to book a longer appointment= more expense $$$. You also risk poor retention if you bring dirty/not properly washed lashes....#justsayin


PERSONS UNDER 18 require written consent from a parent or legal guardian prior to application (email is fine)


If you have any covid-19 symptoms including sore throat, cough, fever/temparature DO NOT ENTER THE PREMISE : reschedule your appointment

- HAND Sanitiser at sanitation station on entry. Hand washing in studio ensuite

- Tie hair back to left side

- Bring your own jacket or blanky if you get cold; I cannot offer you one sorry.

- NO kids, guests, friends in studio. 1 person at a time only.

- Duty of responsibility; if you are exposed or test positive to COVID-19 you must let me know. I will close my business until such time as I have sanitised it in completion & cleared a COVID test myself.


By proceeding to book an appointment you agree to having read & understood this pages terms & conditions....

Basic Terms

  • 48 hours notice for reschedule/cancellation
  • Fills are for ongoing/previously clients only unless specified (3/4 set/new client fill)
  • Deposits are non refundable but conditionally transferable within 60 days
  • Text for wait list if you can't find availability with your name, availability & what you require: I'll be in contact asap if something comes up!
  • Book enough time - if you reschedule for a later date; you'll need more time generally etc
  • No fills out side 4 weeks for volume, No fills outside 5 weeks for Classic
    - can fill volume over classic lashes 😉
    - fills over other salons work have applicable fees: read more about Fills
  • PREGNANT? NO 3rd Trimester availability, sorry; there are many reasons why for related to your health and my posture
  • Lilly Bell accepts no responsibility in the case of allergic reaction. While they are rare, they can happen. Please consider this in the case of your first set before a big event. You will not under any circumstance receive a refund due to allergy.


NO COFFEE/CAFFIENNE or stimulants within 2-3 hours prior to treatments. This can create extra blinking, jitters, hypersensitivity, anxiety & twitches/itching/movement which will slow down application time as a result because it is more difficult to place lashes on moving eyelids. It's also quite frustrating trying to hit a constantly moving target and spending more time unsticking lashes that have stuck together as a result of your constant blinking, need to scratch your face, head, ear, change feet repeatedly, squirming on the table. You increase the risk of getting glue in undesirable places, or worse being stabbed with my tools. I am very good but I can't guarantee anything if you make any quick major movements. It's also not healthy for the eye to be opening during treatment as glue fumes can enter sometimes causing irritation & your eyes may begin to water which makes it really really difficult to apply lashes thus increasing the time of your appointment. I have tricks to manage these situations however prevention is better than cure always.

If you are naturally incredibly fluttery/anxious/hyperactive while conscious, I will tell you and encourage you to fall asleep, focus on a white noise, relax. I cannot work on you until you are still.

It is very difficult to try and hit a constantly moving target if you are a real blinker. It is important we work together on this, consider even booking times when you may be tired to assist us both. You are also welcome to bring your own mindfulness meditations or podcasts/audio books to listen to as this can be helpful. Please bring earbuds to listen.


EAT BEFORE YOU COME: You sure can get restless on an empty stomach!


TURN YOUR PHONE OFF! (or to silent) I understand people with kids can't always do this. So even to silent. Your husband can deal with the kids for the next hour; Your Boss won't die, if they do, you can't help them during your appointment anyway 🙂 (you're welcome). You make the choice - you can talk or text, either way, you won't be getting your lashes done at the same time but will be charged for the time.


NO MINORS at any time. Current Covid environment means I have only 1 client at a time. No extras or tag alongs. This keeps my body corporate happy so I can maintain operation. There are a lot of elderly people in my complex.


Please save address into your calendar for appointment as I may not be able to answer your call/text right before your appointment if you get lost if I am with another client. The Address is nowhere on the actual internet....knock once on arrival & send a text, don't keep knocking.


Be aware, around your head is my workspace. So if you go to scratch your head, ear or whatever without letting me know, it can pose a safety hazard as I have tools near your eyes. Ps - Keep them closed! I have fairly quick reflexes, but safety first yes? You likely don't want to be stabbed, nor wind up with glue in your hair or dragged from your own hand over your face....;)


IF you are sick with constant coughing, sneezing, sore throat (swallowing/dry throat), watery eyes: Definitely re-schedule. Not only is it super frustrating to work with/on & listen to, its constant interruption & movement which makes isolating lashes near impossible & I risk contamination not only for myself but for other clients as well. Please reschedule, thanks for understanding in advance.


Feel welcome to bring your own relaxation/podcasts to listen with earphones (EarPods or buds only; no large head phones as they get in the way of my workspace) if desired - can definitely help for the anxious/fidgety human 😉


This work is hard on anyones body to sit in a curved state for hours on end, please be aware I want to give you my best but we need to work together. Please don't make my job any harder than it needs to be! (please stay still)

Also I appreciate it if you have cleaned your teeth & washed your face if you have an early morning appointment as courtesy as our faces are super close. I'm about as keen as dealing with your eye goo, crusties & beaver breath or blepharitis as much as you are about me putting my hands on your face after using the bathroom without washing them 😉 There is no I in team friend!

Aftercare: How do I look after my lashes?

The #1 DAMAGE FACTOR I personally see from lash extension is POOR AFTER CARE:


- EYE RUBBING, using make up pads/wipes as opposed to your cleansing brush provided

...If you want to keep your eyelashes, avoid this, sleep on a silk pillow case and WASH THEM properly 😉


The do's:

Properly clean your lashes at least once a week (the more volume the more frequently) to remove build up of make up, oils & bacteria from base of lash extensions and lid lines. Do it more often if you have particularly oily skin, flakey lids, use mascara, foundation and/or eyeliner, eye shaddow, sunscreen or work out often/daily. This residual body oil/oils & makeup builds up around the lash bed and can lead to bacterial infections or increased mite growth, poor retention & will especially effect your volume fans causing them to becoming chunky & no longer fluffy. You can purchase lash shampoo from Lilly Bell or Lash cleansing packs including tools for $10 and will be recommended to use these, especially prior to fills. It's just a good idea full stop if you are a regular with extensions, especially before you come to an appointment to ensure clean eyes: best retention; best price


Brush them into place daily. Down down, then up. This will help train them to minimise criss-cross or crazy twisting with new lash growth and maintain shape which assists with both retention and healthy natural lash growth. You will be given a special spoolie for this at the end of each treatment.

If you'd like to be a little more earth conscious- bring it to each session to assist minimise plastic disposables. We are environmentally conscious at Lilly Bell Lashes.


The don'ts:

OIL is the ENEMY of the GLUE! So, ditch your oil based make up removers and mascara's (and even make up; I use eyeshadow and an angle brush for eyeliner these days and oil free mascara for photo shoots. You can order and purchase mascara and oil free gel eyeliner pencils from Lilly Bell OR buy online yourself)

I will know if you fib because it builds up around the lash bed and base of the extensions. I can see under my magnifying glasses what you cannot 🙂 Often heavy foundation/eye shaddow and eyeliner users will have this build up if appropriate cleaning is not present.


HAIRSPRAY AND MAKE UP SETTING SPRAY will also have the same effect as oil on your lashes, so cover your eyes if you use hair spray! (Or avoid)


Don't pick! If you are stressed and anxious, picking can be a real problem and will break your own lashes and make your extensions turn to poo in a minimal time. In saying this- it can be helpful having extensions on for some to make them more aware and conscious to not pick and/or rub their eyes when tired and stressed.

It is also reccomended to avoid rubbing your eyes. Excessive rubbing and picking will cause breakage of your lashes or early Natural lash drop due to tension on the follicle causing premature "gaps".


Don't Mash your face into your pillow! Don't rub your eyes!Don't Mash your face into your pillow!

Don't Mash your face into your pillow! Don't rub your eyes!Don't Mash your face into your pillow!


Silk pillow cases can be super helpful to side or face/belly sleeper, minimising excess rubbing & tension/friction on the natural lash follicle which causes a shorter lash cycle (or worse damage to the follicle over long periods of time). Heads UP!!

Look for 24 momme 100% mulberry silk, double sided! Its great for your hair on your head as well as your face too! JUST DOOOO IT!


I recommend lash serums such as EyEnvy. They aren't just BS in a bottle if you are diligent with application. I have seen incredible results.

I cannot add extensions to lashes you don't have sadly....If i say use a lash serum & you want to keep getting extensions, you need to use it or you need to find another tech.